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keep track of your finances

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I can't tell you the number of times I've tried finance trackers and just hated them. Something about the ones I've tried just don't feel like they could be used by real people!

That's why I made my own πŸ₯³

At the time of publishing (May 2024), I've tested this template for almost 6 months. I personally use this template to track my finances and expenses so I know it works!


  • simple databases for your income, expenses, and more (there are no formulas to trip you up!)
  • clear button navigation on every single page - because sometimes databases are tricky to navigate through
  • 50/30/20 calculator to calculate any incomes input into your tracker
  • extensive how to guide + pictures
  • 20% discount on my Notion coaching in case you get stuck 🎁

questions? feedback?

DM me on Instagram, or send me an email at πŸ’Œ

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minimalist beginner habit tracker

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starting a new habit is no easy feat. it can be hard to stay consistent, especially if you're just now developing strategies to do new things.

building new habits is especially hard for neurodivergent folks. if you miss a single day, it's OVER, and you feel like you're starting all over again.

this might make you feel like habit tracking and building new habits is just not for you. well I have news for you, bestie!

instead of trying to build consistency, this habit tracker will help you focus on continuance. forget all the habit trackers that have stats and numbers and all that. this template is beginner friendly and focuses on you Doing The Thingℒ️ - no matter if it's once a week or once a month.

full walkthrough here


  • pretty enough to give you that dopamine hit, without being so pretty that it's unusable
  • track patterns instead of numbers - how often have I done this thing? when I have I done it? what other habits/situations affect me doing this?
  • automatically creates your daily entries, so you never miss a day. also great for when you miss a day and need to fill it in!
  • checkboxes, because who doesn't love ticking off stuff?
  • zero formulas or other advanced properties. this makes it easier to add and delete habits, as well as edit database views
  • pre-set database views for different habits - simply change the icons and get to tracking!
  • minimalist design that's great for dropping into an existing Notion space, or using as is

questions? feedback?

DM me on Instagram, or send me an email at πŸ’Œ

send me a tea and help refill my creative juices🍡
I want this!
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